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Frequently Asked Questions

(Maybe not that frequently, but you know – frequently enough.)


Q: Will you manage my social media for me? 

A: No, but we have several partners who are great at that.

We will be happy to introduce you.

Q: How much does a video cost?

A: That depends.


Q: On what?

A: On what level of production value you actually need in order for it to be good. Kevin Smith made Clerks for $10,000. Had he spent $1 million, it wouldn't have been any funnier. But a $10,000 version of Terminator would have been pretty terrible.

Q: Do you offer a discount for NRA members?

A: Definitely not.

Q: Do you hate America?

A: No. We love it. We wish that our government did some things differently, but we love this country for many reasons, freedom of expression being chief among them.

Q: Could God make a rock so heavy that Jesus couldn't lift it?

A: It's difficult to say, but realistically God would probably outsource 

that kind of heavy manufacturing because He's a very busy deity.

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