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The Office Camo T-shirt is exactly what no one really needed, but we made it anyway.

Phil Gable Tshirt design
office camo


Is Vladimir Putin using footage of Donald Trump paying Russian escorts for golden showers as leverage against the current administration? Probably.

Is there something cathartic about watching a dog pee on a tiny likeness of Donald Trump? Definitely.

And that's the inspiration behind the Trumpee Stump – a 6" bust of Donald Trump, unequivocally asking for a golden shower. (His request is visible from the front and both sides.)

The bust is attached to a small patch of artificial turf (roughly 7"x7") and features a security lug on the back so you can attach it to an anchor such as a sign post.

If you plan to place your Trumpee Stump in a yard and would prefer a lawn stake on the bottom instead of the turf, make a note with your order.

The Trumpee Stump also includes a tiny vial of doggy potty training fluid to encourage dogs to shower the PEEOTUS with their liquid gold. It's pungent stuff – a few drops will do.

This is a great gift for people who need to encourage dogs to pee somewhere besides their flower beds, or just for people that don't like Trump but do like pee jokes. 

10% of all profits go to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.